Blessings Be.

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Blessings Be.

Postby Willau » Mon May 24, 2010 7:02 pm

Greetings Thorns.

It has been a long time since I travelled in your excellent company so I thought maybe it is time for an update. Keeper suffered from a vast exodus from the server in November of 2009 as the recession bit home deeply with most of the DDO community. In order to save what was left of the Legends guild we decided to move home to Thelanis and take advantage of the free to play option. I have to say it has damaged the role play aspect quite badly but by the skin of our teeth we still survive there. Which is more than most EU guilds did.

Also sadly the shift in game dynamics also means the whole thing favours raid dedicated players and 'Ubers' who are willing to run one series of quests till cross eyed in order to hit level 20. I still feel the game is best played with a view to the journey rather than the destination. Sadly I am also a minority. The EU area is now a ghost town both thanks to the recession and codemasters inability to sort out its status with a view to F2P.

If any Thorn feels like dipping a toe back in the waters of Stormreach however please ask for me on Thelanis.

Blessings be as always.
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Re: Blessings Be.

Postby Lirandel » Tue May 25, 2010 2:53 pm

Greetings Willau

It has been a long time indeed since we saw each other in DDO. Since then the Thorn moved to Lotro as well as other games. We tried DDO a while back as a collective on the US F2P version. Some thought it fun others did not. Well the fun is of course always there when gaming and rping with people of a like mind. But the game did not live up to the expectation considering what other games held at that point in time. Again, for some.

As an old DDO'er it will always hold that special something for me. All the stories we told, the plot we laid down and the Rpers that mingled in the taverns on a rainy wednesday night will always make me sigh and think. Good times indeed.

However, at this point in time the Thorn is based in Lotro, what the future holds for us and which game we will be delving into, is a very hard to answer question, and one I cannot answer. :mrgreen:

I still might be the Captain but that does not mean that the scheming and very evil Thorns does not plot and murder, tickle and throw stuff at random encounters. Encounters that very well could be a DDO or a whole new game entirely.

Therefore, Should you feel inclined to keep the contact from DDO "Legends" then by all means use the proper thread to throw up information, ideas for RP and whatnot - for the Thorn to delve into. I promise you it will be met with an open heart but also with an opinion that does not carry a harsh word or any of such flaming words that could lead to anarchy, doom and most assuredly a hangover.

With that I just want to say. Hope you are well Willau :wink:


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