The letter

The letter

Postby Adjanah » Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:09 pm

"Until then Shadra. May the endless sands be ever peaceful on your journeys." She paused briefly and looked up. "It's just signed with an "S". How strange." She handed the letter back to the darkskinned mountain of a man sitting at the inn-table. He nodded and took the letter gently, folded it up and slipped it inside his shirt. "Strange. Yes. Exciting!" He grinned widely and closed his ham-sized hand around her little one, and nodded. "Thank you for reading it to me again, miss. I...was never good with those squiggles. Farmer, fighter, never a scholar, hur." He winked at her and popped the final piece of bread in his mouth while getting up from his seat. The waitress forgot her questions and involuntarily took a step back as her insticts kicked in. His hulking form blocked off the light and cast a shadow over her, reminding her of...she swallowed and sighed. Kilaern seemed not to notice though, and just went to gather up his things, slinging a backpack that would send a donkey reeling over his shoulder with a grunt. "Good grub! Not seen the last of me, I can tell you that!" He laughed and passed the innkeeper a handful of coppers, the last he had, but more than enough to pay for the food and shelter he'd enjoyed under their roof.

He stepped outside, the brisk wind of a cold, grey day hitting him in the face. He squinted and looked towards the distant mountains. "Qeynos beyond. Hm. Never thought I'd be here. Hur. Pop was right. An adventurer, I. Not a farmer. Adventure found me, maybe. Maybe dead end. Maybe friends." He grunted and shifted his weight on his feet, his backpack rattling. With one hand he reached inside his shirt and pulled out the leather cord he wore around his neck, the coin fastened to it, the cord going through the crude hole he'd hammered through it with an iron nail. He held the small object up before his face and grinned, his usually somewhat dim eyes glinting. "Adventure. Think I like that word."

(( The letter I am referring to is of course this: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=428
Feel free to add a short intro to your own character in a similar manner. :) ))
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Re: The letter

Postby Lildarwen » Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:23 am

High over Willow Wood sat a young woodelf girl in the branches of a tree. With her right hand she was throwing a bloodstained coin high into the air, twirling and catching it with fast reflexes while her deep green eyes wander over the lines of the letter in her left hand.

"Sooo exciting... soooo wonderful...", her giggling started some protests by the birds in the trees, but could not stop her brigh smiling. "Shiny and magic... I luv it... maybe this S has more magic shiny things for me...."

She stopped smiling and noticed a darkhooded figure at the base of the tree, rummaging in her backpack she left there together with her rapier and dagger... and definately in a way to take possession of her items. With a smirk on her face she jumped down of the tree, landing with an soft noise in the green grass just right behind the cloaked figure.

The young thief swirled around - a dagger in his hand and big eyes in surprise.

"Oh my dear boy.... ", Lylleth tapped impatiently with her foot, "Do you really want to use this against me?" The big grin on her face did not vanish.

The boy overcame his surprise and lunged forward, thrusting upward with his dagger ... to only hit the air. The woodelf girl was not standing anymore on her place and then he felt an iron grip around his neck and chest - strangling the air out of his lungs.

A voice whispers in his right ear, "Boy... I am the thief here in Willow Wood... and rogues don't steal from rogues... that's written in the codex." Then she lifted the surprised boy upwards and threw him on his back, jumping upon him and sitting with spreaded legs over his chest.

"What.... codex...", with a pained grimmace on his face the boy tried to breath.

"The codex of the pirates, youngling... and now lets see if you can use your other tool better than the dagger".

The boy again gasped as he felt her hand between his legs while her eyes were sparkling and laughing.

The birds above the tree started singing again, not taking notice of two young bodies entangled in the shady grass of a big willow tree.
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