Keepers of the Blood Coins

Keepers of the Blood Coins

Postby Lirandel » Sun Nov 18, 2007 7:44 pm

Yes. The guild name has changed and some of the story "base" line. It is a very loosely related plot that I have made. Players can do as they wish concerning their bckground their is no strings attached other than one thing.

Each character carries a coin. How it came to be that the person has the coin in the first place is up to you. whether it is an heirloom, found on the streets, or was stolen. Makes no difference.

Each character gets an RP "power" with the coin in question. This power has been activated 4 months ago. And from that time the coin has on different days, night or day, been "weeping" blood. Here are some ideas for powers.

Memories of an item (touch/1 month).
Influence (Bargain).
Enhanced ability (One ability).
Telekinese. (Smaller objects)
Telepathy. (Short distance/only talking)
Ability to see/talk with normally "hidden" Ghosts. (As priest spell)
Enhanced scent (Like Kerran)
Enhanced regeneration (Like Troll)
Enhanced armor (Skin or linked to armor)
Alluring voice (By singing)
Invisibility (As mage spell)
Knowledge of a subject (One subject)

The more creative the better. The power should not be too powerful. but should give some extra spice to the RP and the character. Remember this is a new power. So the character is definently in the learning process about this coin/power. And has a million questions.

When we begin playing RP. the character you play has received a letter, sealed. the letter states as follows.

Aradh Masuj Friend.

My name is Sarad Al Fadrik Ben Hasad.

And like you I have discovered the powers of the item. I am interested in meeting you as I have many questions and perhaps answers to this most strangest of coincidences.
I understand if you become alarmed by this letter of emergency. And have questions as to how I came to know of your most precious of prizes. But I promise my motivations are honourable. I only wish to learn. And perhaps the two of us can delve into the mystery and nature of this posession of ours. And why it does what it does? But as I fear that this letter might not be received in your hands. I cannot explain further. Know this. The bloodstains on your hands will not come off before the next full moon. And be warned. When the metal weeps, you or one of our kind will be in immediate danger if not dead... I hope you will aceept my invitation.

You should know Shalifi that I have sent this letter to those that bears this... curse. As I believe they have the right of ownership to come as well. Until then Shadra.

May the endless sands be ever peaceful on your journeys.

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Re: Keepers of the Blood Coins

Postby Archibold » Sun Nov 18, 2007 9:53 pm

(brilliant plot for RP !- really looking forward)
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