Lepps Family: Sythbo

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Lepps Family: Sythbo

Postby Sythbo » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:17 pm

Full Name: Sythbo Dahvid Lepps
Alias: The Dark Lepper
Gender: M
Species: Human
Age: 25
Current Occupation: Debt Slave

Father: Fahrad Lepps
Mother: Senator Vigette Lepps (m. Lanyon)
Siblings:Gara Fahrad Lepps, Thotu Lanyon Lepps, Serra Vigette Lepps

Facial Features: Brown-Blonde Hair and a Rounded face. Semi-defined Chin and promonent nose. Very red lips, and pale pink skin. Blue Eyes. Average ears, leaning back.
Body shape: Ectomorph
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 14 stone
Additional Notes: Regularly seen with shallow bruising and a range of fresh deep to shallow cuts. Eyes are Bloodshot, classic sign of Kolto overdose.

Hobbies: Simulations, Flying, Demolitions, machines, Engineering, Drama.
Likes: Human Girls, Sex, drink, banter, Kolto
Dislikes: Cross-race sexualisation, cheating, smoking.

Skills: Flying, hand-to-hand combat, Mechanical Engineering, Acting.
Inabilities: Electrical Engineering, Sharpshooting.

Connection to the Black Thorn: Sythbo's Great Great Grandfather Piloted the Black Thorn alone in the Battle against the Mandalorians. Sythbo's Grandfather gave the Medal to Sythbo just before he died.
Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Originally owned by Captain Perry of the Valourous. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/039/d/c/sythbo__s_blaster_by_sythbo-d4p1mrf.jpg
Secondary Weapon: Fists

Personality: Sythbo often tries to be friendly, but can often come across as Arrogant or cocky. He is perfectly aware of his own abilities, often exaggerating them, and has an impressive ego. Willing to try anything, he is free spirited and inteligent. He is slightly Metrosexual, sometimes jokingly hitting on guys as well as girls for the banter. Sometimes he doesn't realice when a joke has gone too far or if he's said something that has offended someone. He is very secerative about his past.

History: Sythbo was born on Coruscant as the youngest son of a Senator and a retired Pilot. His ender brothers, twins, had been discovered strongly force sencitive and had been taken away to train as Jedi. Whilst he never saw the younger, Thotu, the eldest gara often visited his family, growing up very close to his younger sibling. Two years after Sythbo was born, he was blessed with a Sister, who also grew up close to the two Brothers she saw often. As a Youth Sythbo was interested in a career in Acting, appearing in several youth plays around the capital, his family always coming to watch him. Except for Thotu. However, as his maturity developed he decided to forsake a risky career on stage for a far more secure path; following in his Fathers footsteps and enrolling in the Coruscant Academy of flying. As a Pilot he had a natural talent and, years later, he Graduated with a record breaking mark, having beaten an 'impossible' simulation. Two years later, he Joined the Republic Navy as a Co-Pilot on the Valourous.

His Mother died Five years later in the Sacking of Coruscant. Illness took her, medicine prevented from reaching her under the circumstances. His Father gave his life trying to get her medication to her. Sythbo returned to Coruscant for the Funeral, where he saw Gara and Serra for the last time. As he left Coruscant, he was captured by a Bounty Hunter, employed to find a Lepps to pay off his Fathers Debt.

Sythbo now fights for his new master in the Bareknuckle Boxing halls of Narr Shaddaa. His popularity has been slowly increacing, following a number of 'impossible' victories, but Sythbo's begining to feel the longing for the open skies. One fight at a time. He'll make it... eventually.
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