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Concept: Grey Jedi Knight (balancing on the edge)

Name: Anora Tandrul
Gender: Female
Species: Miralukan
Physical Appearance: Anora wears a decocative head mask to hide her eyeless sockets from sensitive onlookers. She wears slight make-up to accentuate her decorative mask, and has a single beauty mark on one cheek.
Age: 21

Occupation: Jedi Knight
Hobbies: Meditation techniques, combat techniques, artifice, and reading about archeological finds and history.
Inabilities: For a jedi, she is poor at keeping her temper and has little patience.

Mother: Enara
Father: Korun
Siblings: Idune
Other: Cousins, Uncles, Aunts
Homeworld: Born on Alpheridies, grew up on Balmorra/Coruscant, currently of Tython

Personality: Anora had a strong desire to protect others, and protect the Republic. This has more recently morphed into a demand upon others that they become strong enough to face the evils of the galaxy and do whatever it takes for the greater good - especially defeating the Sith Empire.
Anora normally tries to control her emotions in a jedi fashion, but has witnessed enough suffering that it has become increasingly difficult. She sometimes focuses her anger for specific attacks in battle, and thereafter tries to calm to calculated logic once more...with mixed success.

Anora was born on the Miralukan homeworld Alpheridies, but grew up on Balmorra where her father was stationed. Korun Tandrul was the commander in charge for a Republic garrison protecting some of the most important military production facilities on the planet. Her mother, Enara, traded in offworld antiquities, and was often away for long periods of time.

Anora was always overshadowed by her older sister, Idune. While both sisters were force sensitive, Idune was undeniably stronger. Not only that, but Idune was more obedient, quicker to learn, and beloved to all who knew her as a gentle and kind girl.
While the girls were still very young, a crazed man with a vibroblade broke into their daycare and tried to attack Anora. Idune was there to protect her, receiving a slash across the cheek before adults could subdue the man. From that moment forward, Anora knew she had to become strong and able to defend herself, for both her sake and for others.

When the girls came to Coruscant as younglings their studies kept them apart. Anora excelled in combat training but stuggled long with jedi philosophy and her emotions. She went on to become the padawan of a Master Argus, an experienced master who helped her find jedi calm with his teachings of balance in all things.
After the invasion of the sith empire, Anora travelled with her master to help survivors flee enemy forces. Hardest of all for her was when Balmorra was struck, and her father died defending his post. Her mother was never found. Still, under the guidance of Master Argus, Anora could control herself and work for the greater good, struggling to maintain a proper balance.
When word of a peace treaty came, neither master or padawan could believe it. Unfortunately for Anora, Master Argus was at the jedi temple during the Sith assault on Coruscant. He was able to send her a message warning her away, but the message cut out, and she felt him die. After feeling the echo of death from that battle, Anora was never the same.

Idune's serenity in the face of such loss only fueled Anora's slowly growing frustration.

Anora continued to do what she could to help those who had been affected by the invasion, and undermine the sith presence, while not going quite so far as to overstep the foul lie of a treaty that the Republic had signed.

One such person she aided was Nandra, an old friend and research assistant to her mother who was now a refugee. The woman had a strange medallion with an odd symbol on one side, an eye on a blazing sun. The woman claimed that it was originally from an ancient ship, something Anora's mother had been looking to find after her father's death (she had apparently escaped Balmorra with her life). Nandra had been separated from Enara Tandrul in the depths of a jungle on an outer rim world and still seemed shaken by the experience. Nandra had grown to hate the medallion, but was afraid to show it in order to sell it. She became convinced it was cursed and begged Anora to take it and destroy it. Certain Nandra was hysterical, Anora has instead kept it carefully locked away, and has spent her spare time searching for answers about its origin and her mother's final resting place.
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