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Auren Vanmeer

Postby Crymzen » Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:00 am

Name: Auren Vanmeer
Age: 53
Family: Rin
birthplace: Dantooine (post jedi academy)

Backstory: Auren was born on dantooine, a planet that feared and hated jedi after the attack of darth malek and the sith, at 6 years old auren was found by a jedi task with overseeing the recovery of artifacts from the ruined jedi academy, after some observations he was brought before the jedi council on tython, the jedi council all ruled in favour that he was to be trained as a jedi knight. he rose through the ranks quickly and by the age of 25 he became a jedi master but was not allowed a seat on the jedi council. a few more years past and he began to tire of the jedi for his own reasons.

he saught out the sith on korriban and joined thier ranks because they could promise him what the jedi could not( IC other jedi may know of him from records,he was shamed as "the falen master") at the age of 30 he realised the sith had no way of giving him what he wanted...he fled from the sith and tried to return to the jedi..the jedi refused and he was exiled from tython forever, with no place in the order and on the run from the sith he spends the remainder of his days floating from cantina to cantina in hopes to avoid all contact with any sith or jedi.

(these are not all the details, majority is found through RP)

RP Notes:
he does not carry his lightsaber
His robes are old.riped and dusty and unrecognisable as jedi robes
he smells of alcohol
he supresses his affinity with the force so others cant sense it
he is not a grandmaster of the force..he is a master in saber technique
although he is avoiding the jedi and hiding from the sith he still seeks adventure( possible reason for joining the thorn?)
will often answer a question with a question
avoids tython like the plague
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