The "descendants" of the heroes of the Black Thorn and friends


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Concept: Amnesiac Jedi

Name: Cuervo. Found on the label of his Stasis chamber.
Gender: Male.
Species: Human
Physical Appearance: the typical build of someone within there mid twenties. Has a grown out beard and a scar along the left side of his face.
Age: Within his mid twenties.

Occupation: Jedi Knight
Hobbies: Reading, Working on his Astromech Droid, Studying and developing Lightsaber Attacks.
Inabilities:Cannot resist his curiosity (seriously its gonna get'em killed), Sitting still for too long in one place.

Mother: Not Known. Presumed Dead.
Father: Not Known but has fragmented Memories of a elderly man caring for him on a ship. Presumed Dead.
Siblings: Fragmented memories of living among many other children. Presumed Dead.
Other: has a necklace with a Blackened piece of medal attached to it.
Home world: Is convinced he was born aboard a ship.

Special: He keeps his necklace with him at all time since it was one of the only thing he woke up with still on his person. He always marks anything that he worked on with a special Double Helix like design.
Likes: Space and droids more than other organics, Helping fellow force users, things related to his past.
Dislikes: Liars and Murderers, Droids being destroyed or exploited and having to destroy them, Excessive force in certain cases.

Personality: Has a very strong sense of loyalty to his fellow Jedi and to the Jedi code. But often distrust non-force users. He is hard to be friends with but once he forges a friendship he will follow that person to the death if he can. He is at his best when he is working on anything mechanical. Will grow uncomfortable in dark enclosed spaces and when he loses his necklace.

History(after the Crash): After his ship crashed he was told by his rescuers that he had been retrieved from a stasis pod that was within the ship. He was told he crashed on tython by his rescuers and upon his rescuers noticing his light saber brought him before the Jedi council. He then later on completed his trials and now travels through Coruscant seeking his past due to a message sent to him on a Dead Mans Trigger. He wishes to finally lay his past to rest so that he may look to the future but that seems far off and distant from now.

Dead Mans Trigger= Is a message sent after someone dies by the way nice people =D.
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