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Concept: Force adept healer. 

Name:  Mea'carla. 
Gender: female. 
Species:  twi'lek. 

Physical Appearance: 
Mea'carla holds herself with the upmost grace and flawless posture. Her elegance only enhanced by her perfectly curved body and satin smooth light blue skin. She wears overly elaborate makeup to further enhance her appearance and to make her soft green eyes and full lips stand out. 

All the clothing that She wears is well cut and tailored for her sculpted body, to the present fashion almost utterly impractical at the best of times. With the excption of her light armour wich is tight fitting and pratical with bio chem interface, personal tracing device,distress beacon and temperature control for more hostile environments.

Occupation: healer & dancer 
Hobbies: dancing & bio-chem. 
Inabilities: blasters.  Droids. 

Mother: Ceh'emo
Father: not known 
Siblings: not known
Homeworld: ryloth

 force users can feal mea'carlas presence within the force, as a pure and bright glowing radiance. With her natural ability for healing flowing from within herself, the force seems drawn to her, welling up inside her body, as she channels it for healing.
she seems to be able to amplify it to further enhance her natural ability.

open mindedness, kindness, helping others, danceing, fine wine, Fine clothing,  fruit. Plant life. Flirting.

 seeing & feeling others pain and suffering. being alone. Droids. death. 


A kind, generous, warm outgoing woman mea'carla enjoys attention and sincere flattery. As well as casual flirtation & romance. 

It is not hard for anyone to see that mea'carla needs to be wanted. But underlying that is a deep seated need to be protected and cared for.
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