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Concept: The Exiled Jedi (Grey)

Name: Saraja
Gender: Female
Species: Mirialan
Age: 29

Hair: Honey-wheat, caramel.
Eyes: Striking green.
Skin: Caramel.
Tattoos: Face, limbs and torso etched with the Mirialan clan-designs of diamond shapes. Representing her status in the culture. Currently though Saraja wears clothing that makes it difficult to perceive these tattoos, part from the face.

Occupation: Currently cargo hauling and different tasks.
Hobbies: Traveling, reading.
Inabilities: Poor cooking, little to no skills in mechanical repairs. Healing.

Mother: Mako - Clan's healer.
Father: Serjen - Clan's praised warrior.
Siblings: none.
Other: Master - Lom (Deceased).
Homeworld: Mirial.

Force Kinetics.
Likes: To keep to herself. Trust herself.
Dislikes: People who live in their own happy little world.
Personality: Saraja has seen a large spectrum of the Galaxy's. Being groomed from a toddler for a specific destiny (as is traditional from Mirialans to do), being sent to give a hand in the battles between the Republic and Empire as she joined the Jedi Order due to her training and knowledge in the Force and eventually she was cast down for her crimes (perhaps just or unjust) to a life in imprisonment on a desolate planet's prison.

Merits & Flaws:
+ Dexterity, ambidextrous
+ Keen Senses

- Trust-issues
- Vengeful

Motto: Trust no-one.
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