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Opeme Whisperwind

Postby Lirandel » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:27 am

Name: Opeme Mafal Whisperwind
Age: 16
Height 5' 7
Birth: Byss (Core Worlds)
Family: the noble Mafal family (Diplomats and entrepreneurs)
Hobbies: food, cooking, reading and dancing.
Features: radiant blue eyes, a delicate face with silver streaming hair and a bright smile on her lips
Strengths: willfull, wise beyond her years, a strong bond to the past, future and present.
Weakness: emotional, is troubled about her dark dreams, a diplomat not a fighter.
RP parameters: a tragic hero, a thoughtful personality, mild manners. Diplomat.

The young Padawan girl Opeme Whisperwind Is being tested by her Master... Still largely unbeknownst to her, her destiny will end in insanity, madness and slavery. But that story still lies many thousand years from this place. Or does it?

This is the present, this is now and young Opeme is showing her focus, a will that speaks of a head-
strong mind and a wisdom seldom seen in such a young student of the force. This is her first step on her quest to become a Jedi Consular; a first step which shows great promise to her teachers.

Yet love has a habit of knocking uninvited...


This is her story...
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