Guild History: The Black Thorn

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Guild History: The Black Thorn

Postby Felaion » Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:21 pm

Many years ago...

In the darkest hours of the last great war against Mandaloria a distant planet, one of many, within the vast expanse of the Outer Rim felt the full force of the Mandalorian assault. Tales no longer recount the name of the world, for it has been forgotten - lost in a tide of rumour and here say. Yet what tales, myths and legends recount is that a band of desperate smugglers, pirates, civilians and the remainder of the Republic Garrison found themselves at World's End, facing oblivion. So hopeless was their plight that it took the words of a visionary to stir their hearts. Desperate to save themselves, they rallied behind a cause and captured a Mandalorian vessel, despite it's cost in lives.

Under the skill of a legendary pilot amongst their number, the ship broke free into orbiting space - where the haggard crew found themselves caught amongst the death-throws of even greater battle in space. Thoughts resting primarily upon survival, the vessel tried in vain to escape into deep space. It was as their hope faded that they received a distress call from the nearby Republic flagship. Under superior Mandalorian fire-power, the Republic had all but lost the fight. Some people say the crew were overcome with patriotism. Some say they went mad. Whatever is said, the crew decided to join the fight. Blazing into the battle, luck and the colours of the Mandalorian forces upon their vessel permitted them to launch a devastating surprise attack upon the few remaining Mandalorian vessels.

Yet even as the battle was won, the Republic Flag-Ship, the Courageous, had suffered critical damage. Seeing an opportunity for salvage, or heroic deeds, the ragged crew from the planet docked with the Flag-Ship. There, they bested the Mandalorian boarding party, which were taken by surprise, and rescued the Admiral of the Republic Fleet. Each was celebrated as a hero, and awarded medals for valour and service to the republic, cast from triangulation chips from the remains of the Black Thorn's navicomputer, which a rescued engineer discovered later in his pack. Despite their 'victory', the ragged crew parted ways for the most, continuing their lives in varied states of peace. All thought of the great Republic ship, 'Courageous' vanished from their minds, as did the ship itself, adrift in space as nothing more than an empty shell. Or perhaps not so empty...

As the subject of stories in seedy smuggler's dens often go, the empty was not quite so empty. In ammunition alone, the holds of that great ship would make any lucky salvager a millionaire overnight. Unfortunately for all such hopefuls, the ship has never been found to this day. Many have searched, and all have given up hope. Yet now, with War looming again, the shell of the mythical Black Thorn has drawn a new seeker in the Sith Empire - it's confidential data-banks likely still intact, betraying great secrets at the very heart of the Republic. No-one fully knows what information may lie there, but clearly it's enough to warrant a search from the Sith. There's only one way to find the Courageous - known to fewer than ten across the Galaxy. If all the triangulation chips could be assembled at the location of the ship's last battle, then it's location would be revealed. Chips that now adorn medals given to the 'heroes' of the Courageous. 'Heroes' who went on to sire families, or loose their medals in gambling addictions or muggings, yielding their chips to new owners...

...New owners who have just started to vanish, no trace remaining, save the stench of the Sith Empire. Of course, this is all just a legend. No-one really belives in these stories, do they? Even if it were true, the details must be wrong, considering how old the story is... Surely, right?

The above story is an example of the rumour, it is definately not true in every detail, and you may have heard a different story - or may be blissfully unaware.

You are the owner of a medal, rough-cut, awarded to one of your parents for some unknown deed. Unless you obtained it through more nefarious means.

Your father always kept that medal in a safe place. Never talked about why, he just did. It clearly meant something important to him. Then again, being a dried-up smuggler, achieving a medal for valour from the Republic probably would mean something special to him. Of course, you never really got along that well. I guess there's no time to rectify that, now; considering that the medal is now yours, following your father's recent demise. Looking at it, it seems rather rough-cut for a medal. Hardly a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Strange. Perhaps it'll be worth something someday.

...Turns out it was.
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