Mea'carla life before thorn

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Mea'carla life before thorn

Postby Mea'carla » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:56 am

Mea'carla prologe (life before thorn)

It was meant to be the best day of my life after years of my mothers teaching of the healing arts and my farthers teachings of biochemistry,  i had been chosen to join a cotery of other healers. They travelled over all of ry'loth healing others and trying to settle the clans differences. it was a great honor for me and my family, but that dream was shattered.

My mother helped me with my makeup as she wanted me to look right  for the ----. I remember after her taking a holo picture once she had finished. then she told me "no matter what happens always remember never forget who you are or where you came from". She smiled at me as she walked me to meet the honor guards of the ----. The sun was high as the desert skiff arived to take me to my new life, i was so excited. i waved goodbye to my mother as the skiff set off into the desert i relaxed. a short time later i was suddanly set upon by the crew of the skiff. they grabbed my hands and coverd my mouth as they placed the binders fast around my wrists . I realised what was happeing, they were not sent from the order of ----- they were mercs and slavers!!! A short time later we arrived at a ship were i was dragged off the skiff and man handled on to the waiting starship.

We arrived at what i thought was a spacestation but i found out later it was an old asteroid mine somewhere in the outer rim. As i was taken from my cell still dressed in my white robes i was marched off the ship and into the main habatation area of the old mineing station. All around me unsavoury characters and races stopped and stared at me leering or groping me as i passed. I was taken to a large room where the door guards just nodded and and let us past. The room was clean and well cept. in the center there was a small round dias around which three tables had been set for the biders. At one sat an unsavoury sullustan with bright red cheeks. another had a heavy set and scarred trandotian and the last a human. all had two bodyguards armed and armoured standing at each shoulder. I was taken to the dias by two of the thugs that had kidnapped me. as they did so a male voice spoke out over some intercom.

"And here we have todays prime choice a twi'lek force addept skilled at healing, forsight, bio-cem, speaks basic, ril. And as you can see she has the finest body and skin we have had the pleasure to see, who will open the bidding? " as they eyed me they all started to key in their bids on data pads on the tables so that no one would know how much the other was willing to spend. The bidding was over quickly thankforly. i was taken out of the room and as i left i saw the slavers getting their cut of the profits. Later that day he came for me, my new master. it was the human although i could now see his cybernetic implants, who had won me. the first thing he did was take off my restrainers as i was led off to his ship.

I was not mistreated. Nor was i expected to be a dancer, servant or whore. he gave me fine things, i did not understand why, i had expected to be used and mistreated but i was not and nor were any of the others. No one was even permitted to touch me! All he wanted me for was to be by his side when he was discussing business that and my connection with the force. Wich he would over exaggerate, passing me off as some sort of seer. As well as my healing abilities... kolto is expensive on the outer rim my powers were not.

As the years passed my talants grew. i started to feel the truth or lies in the words of others, so the charade  had become real, so much so that i started to see thing before they happend and even hear words that had not yet even been spoken. to my masters relief when i had forseen the betrayal of one of his guards who had been payed to betray him. He did not believe me, but i told him none the less. But He went ahead with his meeting. it was later on after the food had been cleared and the fine wine brought out that the guard made his move, drawing out his blaster and firing it at my master! I stood swiftly moveing my hand toward the guard saying "NO!" he was forced back hitting the wall with such force he was out cold! The other guards were on him in seconds, i looked to my masters seat but he had been knocked out if it by the  blaster bolt in the sholder. I closed my eyes and channeld the force into his wound healing him. As i finished he looked up"thank you, next time i will listen to you! Now how do i repay you for this? "

With out thinking i just blurted out " i want to learn to dance!" I had always envied the dancers their beauty and grace. He was shocked he asked did i not want my freedom?! That had never even occured, to me i was happy, safe, and well protected, Free or not!so he found one of the twi'lek dancers to teach me. Some years  later i was dancing in the main chamber. When a vison hit me all most knocking me to the floor. i  felt sick i looked up and i was standing in the room srounded by death pain and suffering. I closed my eyes and opened them again the vision, Had passed. I told my master what i had seen!

 A day later a republic shuttle arrived with a jedi and 20 heavily armed republic troops. they had come to arrest my master for some of the deals he had done. the troops deployed around the station as the jedi enterd the central chamber. The jedi stood in the chamber as my master wached on holo vid.
"I am here to arrest you in the name of the galactic  republic!"

My master picked up his blaster and told his men be ready, he was about enter the central chamber armed and ready to fight! I ran in to the room with tears in my eyes begging him not to do what he planned, it would only end up in pain and death, His shoulders dropped and he looked into my eyes knowing i was right. He looked at the jedi in the holo and hit the stations intercom." i will surrender myself to you but i have some conditions that must be met before i do so. all of my servants and men are to be set free, and there is a lady here, mea'carla she has been a blessing to me her knowledge of the force all be it small, has saved my life and her forsight today had prevented what would have happend here today!"

With a nod to his men and a smile to me he left the room and handed himself over to the jedi and he was taken in to custedy by his troops. After a short time later the jedi came into the chamber and as he looked at the faces in the room he told us all there that we were now free and that we would be helped by the republic if we needed it. then his eyes fell on me he must have felt my presence in the force he came over to me and said:

"you are mea'carla the one your former master told me about? I can feel the force is strong with you i WILL take you to the jedi temple on tython and you WILL be trained as a jedi! " the look in his eyes told me there was no choice in the matter!
I looked at him with disdane he would force me to become something i did not want to become! Something just felt wrong! I stood up and pushed him away from me useing the force. It was then that he stared at me with cold eyes and he turned to one of his troopers."Stun her bind her and take her back to the ship" and with a "yes sir" my world became black as the stun bolt hit me.

I woke some time later cold, alone, and bound in a force pen! I had no idea where i was or what was going to happen to me. It was then i heard someone comeing as i looked around there were other force pens with others captives in them, then the door opened, revealing a young woman with dredlocks she smiled as she came into the room, " so who wants out if here then?" everyone started yelling in joy as she started to slice the control panel she opened all the force pens at the same time the other captives  ran for the now open door, she looked around the room seeing i had not moved she said to me " nead a lift? I just have to get what i need from here and ill get you out of here" i nodded and as soon as she had compleated her slicing she looked up at me "lets go" so we ran for her ship and to my freedom! A short jump later and i found myself on the republic fleet space station. I found out her name was pandion and that she was a freelance pilot and slicer. She helped me find some work as a freelance medic and a dancer in the cantina in my free time. 

It was not long after my arrival on the fleet that i meet my first thorn ...
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