The Misadventures of Brianna Raine (Formally Kell)

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The Misadventures of Brianna Raine (Formally Kell)

Postby kellidir » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:46 pm

Brianna hummed to herself as she walked away from the Slippery Slopes cantina, taking in the sights of the city, the glare of the numerous florescent lights ruining what might actually be a nice night. Nar Shaddaa ... it was the tackiest place in the entire galaxy, but also the place for the best wild parties ... and partying wildly was something she enjoyed a lot. She headed up the ramp to the upper promenade, continuing to hum the tune that she’d last heard in the cantina. She wasn’t sure what it was, but the rhythm of it was catching.

As she turned along the promenade, overlooking the giant hideous statue of a hutt to her right, she started to get an uneasy feeling. She looked over her shoulder, setting one eye on the armoured figure that looked straight at her, following her along the promenade. She turned away from the figure, continuing to hum as she discreetly felt her belt for her blasters, cursing herself in her mind as she recalled the blaster belt hanging on a hook on her ship. Unarmed and unarmoured, she didn’t like her chances of taking on what was most certainly a bounty hunter in full heavy armour and twin blasters.

She forced herself to keep humming as if nothing was wrong, that in its own right was hard enough, forcing herself to continue to walk in a convincingly calm fashion as if she hadn’t been alerted was even harder. She made for the violet lounge, each step feeling like a death march, she knew the lounge was small and was like walking into a trap. The only thing she had as her advantage was the twenty odd paces that separated them.

No sooner had she passed through the doorway, she stepped out of immediate sight, pressing up against the wall behind a pillar, waiting quietly as her heart near pounded out of her chest. She listened as the hunter stopped just outside the door and held her breath in anticipation. Hours seemed to pass in what was seconds and then the figure stepped through, the armoured back presented to her. She didn’t wait for them to turn and moved out of the door behind them, treading quietly and hiding up against the outside wall. Running in the open wouldn’t help her cause. She waited and clenched her fists, hoping that she would have the one chance she needed to attack the un-armoured head. The chance didn’t come the hunter stepped outside, looking straight to where she had expected Brianna to be. She stared at the hunter “You following me Girl?”
The hunter smiled ever so slight “Weren't really many places for you to hide in there were there? And yes, I was, but not because there's a tag on your head, don't worry.”

She continued to stare at the hunter, was this some form of game to them? "Yeah, I should have just legged it when you came through.” She thought about the womans words for a moment, had she really said there was no tag on her head? “And I should hope not, I've been keeping trade nice and legit!" that wasn’t entirely true.

The hunter remained calm as she spoke, not a comforting calm, but one of confidence in their abilities "I don't hunt traders. No challenge in that."

She couldn’t bring herself to believe their words, hunters didn’t typically follow people for no reason. She quickly tried to think of any reasons as to why one would follow her. She hadn’t stiffed anyone or failed a job recently, there was only one thing that leapt to mind and that was with the band of silver on her finger "So you're not connected to my missing husband are you?"

The armoured woman shrugged "If I was, I wouldn't tell you"

The way the hunter shrugged and the way she spoke continued to make her feel unsettled and off balance "Hey, I didn't mean to misplace him ... It was a scattergun wedding with a guy I barely knew, I've no idea where he is."

"You 'Misplaced' your husband on Nar Shaddaa? That's rich!" The hunter looked positively amused at this.
"I also met him here, it was a wild weekend! And yeah, misplaced as in lost, not 'Misplaced' meant as some permanent bloody thing"

“Doesn't have to be bloody to be permanent. At any rate, I wasn't following you for a reason. Just noticed that we were going the same way” the hunter shifted her stance, seemingly relaxing “then the drink in me decided to see how you would react if I followed you for a while. Piece of advice, next time you are looking at the back of someone whose been following you on this planet, you point your blaster at their back and you pull the trigger.”

Brianna stared at her for a long moment, reading her change in posture, she seemed to almost disarm herself with her sudden casual nature. She took a long deep breath before speaking “Damn girl, you had me worried! I’m trying to find my husband. I’ve been kinda worried he ain’t turned up, I thought you were going to ice me for doing something to him”

The hunter seemed even more amused, seeming to take delight in Brianna’s reactions “Trying to find your husband on your own? You realise he might have had a run in with the exchange right?”

Brianna nodded “Yeah I realise that, and a whole bunch of other people, it’s a tough rock”

“You won’t find him alone on it, that’s for sure.” The hunter’s voice spoke of her certainty on the issue “Hire yourself some help.”

Brianna looked a little surprised, was the hunter now canvassing for work? “Well I’ve already got a contract sorted to help find him.” Brianna gave the armoured woman a once over with her eyes “You got the whole intimidating presence thing working great for you.”

“You get good at it in my line of work. Still, I should be going.” The hunter turned on her heel, walking away from her “Good luck finding your misplaced husband.”

“Thanks, good luck on your marks...” Brianna watched her walk off into the distance and sighed with relief, leaning back against the wall.
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