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Anvil's Descent

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 3:14 am
by Haelewulf
***** MISSION ONE - The Eye Opens *****

"By now you will no doubt have heard."

The helmeted figure's voice was oddly hollow, mechanical. Only a visor above leathers to convey any sort of emotion... and an understated Gamma badge over the heart to show the core of the speaker's identity.

"I am Major Rourke, and as of 0600 hours this morning, you take your orders from me. The Gamma Coalition, which, I am sure, you've never heard of, is reclaiming their Arcane Special Ops wing... which you fondly know as Anvil's Ascent."

The figure stood at ease, its visor sweeping the stunned and in some cases surly gathering before it.

"Sack O'Anvils has been put on a leave of absence."

There were murmurs, and the overriding question was how anyone could put Sack on a leave of absence he didn't want to take...

"He was given command of the Arcane Special Ops wing on a highly respected Coalition member's recommendation, as his experience was considered to outweigh concerns about his personal quirks. Those quirks now pose more of a threat than his experience does a benefit."

More murmurs. Sack had saved many lives there. What threat was this officious fellow talking about?

"Sack O'Anvils endangered many of your lives pursuing age-old enemies of his own. As direct result of this, another threat was given sufficient time and space to grow, until it ultimately abducted one of your own number. Young Sam is a casualty of the breakdown of the chain of command. Now that the chain has been reforged, perhaps some ground can be made up."

Silence. The red-lit visor surveyed the crowd once more before nodding.

"You will receive your orders shortly. Consider yourselves on standby. You are now what you should always have been; recruits of the Gamma Coalition. Dismissed."

Re: Anvil's Descent

PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 4:21 pm
by Haelewulf

“You can go in now.” The Freedom Corps scientist stepped aside, allowing the group access to the lab.

Nodding at the scientist, the Green Dragonet led the way into the laboratory. An eerie sight met their eyes.

Strapped to a large central console was the prone form of Solarius, his red-tinted armour gone, replaced with a Kheldian uniform in white and gold. Sack looked questioningly at Dragonet, and the old mentor closed his eyes, muttering briefly, before looking up and nodding with some relief at the enormous Nephilim.

“So he’s clean, then,” said Anvil, looking back at the new Kheldian.

“Clean and healthy, hero.” The Freedom Corps scientist had followed them in. “There was an unusual energy signature interwoven with his… entropic, chaotic. It was undoing him from within. If you hadn’t apprehended him soon, he would have lost corporeal form completely. As it is –“

“As it is, I am myself once more.” Solarius’ eyes opened, and his head turned to regard the group before him. A white, gaseous fire streamed from his eyes, but his expression was serene, with no hint of the corrupting energies that had so recently seared and smitten them. “Myself... and more. I regret my recent actions. It seems that in my eagerness to return Sam to the fold, I left myself open to corruption. Subtle as it was, I didn’t even realize it was there until it was too late.” Sol’s blazing gaze found Scarlet’s. “Even the strongest of us can fall prey to the subtle workings of corruption.”

“Was it Jacob?” Sack asked bluntly.

Solarius transferred his gaze from Sara to Sack. “Yes… but I was merely a means to an end. Jacob has far darker designs… You must find Sam. I know him to be at the heart of this… even if he himself does not realize it yet. There have been dark hints, at the edge of the consciousness that warped me to its will… Leave me. I shall join you if I can, but time is of essence, and I will be leaving your number when all this is over. I owe the Freedom Corps – and the Kheldian that gave of himself to save me – a debt that shall not be swiftly repaid.” Solarius leant his head back against the console. “I shall make my report to Rourke in due time. Prepare as you must. Dark times are ahead. And one last thing…”

Sol’s expression was utterly serene as he stared into space. “Jacob fears the heart, the shield, the fire, the fist and the sword. That is all I could glean. Farewell and good luck to you.”

And with that Solarius closed his eyes once more, and was silent.