A tape recording...

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A tape recording...

Postby kellidir » Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:23 am

(( The following audio recording is sent to Sack and Dragon from Scarlet with a note saying, "theres more..." ))

The Mind Master: Now, a number of months ago, Master Samuel reached a stage in his training that I believed to be satisfactory. Thus I sent him back to this society, in order to test our mental link.

Scarlet Vixen: What is the link supposed to do? How much do you share?

The Mind Master: Imagine the link as a thought between us. It can't be touched, can't be tasted or found but messages can be carried by it. I was planning on sending him a message from my chateaux in the mountains. But when the time came, I found my attempts blocked.

Scarlet Vixen: How long ago was it?

The Mind Master: About a week after Master Samuel arrived back in America.

Scarlet Vixen: Before Jacob came out?

The Mind Master: Unfortunately Sara, we have underestimated Jacob and he has been 'out' for a very long time. Ever since he first 'manifested'.

Scarlet Vixen: So everything I had with Sam....

The Mind Master: I wouldn't think so. It is very complicated, but the mind of Samuel would not have realised 'Jacob' was manipulating part of his doings. When Samuel was with you, it is likely it was Samuel's mind and not Jacob's. However, I wouldn't know. Neither would Samuel or Jacob. Strangely only you know if the times you had with Samuel were genuine or not.

Scarlet Vixen: That’s the thing, I'm not sure.

The Mind Master: Then no-one is sure. I suspected it was the mind of Jacob blocking my communications, but before I could do anything about it I was contacted myself, from the place we call Heaven. I was spoken to in a vision, for that is the way 'they' communicate, but with Heaven being timeless the vision that lasted but an hour in my mind lasted many weeks in reality.

Scarlet Vixen: It’s timeless?

The Mind Master: Sara, if we keep diverting from the point you will run out of tape. *smiles and laughs* Ask these questions of your father.

Scarlet Vixen: Just as soon as I can make him spend an evening in with me

The Mind Master: For I had learned something dreadful. The Heavenly beings, the Angel Gabriel and the Archangel Michael had come to me in the vision and spoken. They alone knew the truth, and told me the true story of the being we know as Jacob. What his original name was, they would not say, but they told me he had once been an Angel. What's more they told me that he had been the highest ranking officer in the Heavenly Host, second only by Michael. He had been the fourth angel to be brought into being by the Almighty, and he was powerful beyond imagination.

Scarlet Vixen: What are the heavenly host?

The Mind Master: The Army of Heaven. For millennia, he fought at the side of Michael, but ever was he jealous of the position Michael held over him.

Scarlet Vixen: So god made angels flawed like us?

The Mind Master: I do not know. Then came the War of Heaven, when the Morning Star fell from grace and raised a mighty legion to rebel against the Almighty. The War raged, and the Angel we know as Jacob fought against those who had turned, casting them down into hell.

Scarlet Vixen: The morning star?

The Mind Master: Lucifer. The brightest and most powerful angel. Who entered the battle and drove straight for the throne of the Almighty. The one we know as Jacob stood in his path. No-one knows what was said... but minutes later, 'Jacob' turned on his allies and fought alongside the Morning Star.

Scarlet Vixen: How can those minutes change a person’s path?

The Mind Master: When the Morning Star did battle with Archangel Michael at the foot of the Almighty's throne, 'Jacob' did battle with Gabriel. I do not know. Who can say? But a few minutes with Satan could turn the most pure into pure evil. It is a long tale, so I will shorten it. The battle was won by the Almighty, and Satan was cast into hell.

Scarlet Vixen: And Jacob?

The Mind Master: 'Jacob' fearing hell fled, falling to earth like a burning star. Gabriel along gave chase, desperate to prevent Jacob harming Adam's race.

Scarlet Vixen: what happened?

The Mind Master: She broke Jacob, and cast him down. Unable to destroy him, she thrust him out of our universe and imprisoned him in the Limbo of another, parallel universe. That, was the last time she had heard of him, until now.

Scarlet Vixen: So how do we beat him?

The Mind Master: She thought there could be no way out of Jacob's prison, but it seems he found a way. After a millennia, Jacob separated his mind from his body and entered our world again.

Scarlet Vixen: And now he’s corrupting Sam’s body?

The Mind Master: To hide himself, he used the guise of a guardian angel, but his choice of Master Samuel as a... subject was not accidental. His intention is to open up a gate to his own universe. Thus he can bring his body back to the world, and then nothing will be able to stop him dominating earth. To open a gate requires the mind of a psychic with a pure heart.

Scarlet Vixen: Sam...

The Mind Master: Correct. Unfortunately, the hour is later than we know. The gate has been built, and it's activation complete. Inside Samuel's mind is a fully functioning gate to the universe in which Jacob's body is trapped.

Scarlet Vixen: The library... the ghost town.

The Mind Master: All Jacob needs now to do is destroy the remnants of Samuel's mind. Then he will break through, and nothing will be able to stop him.

Scarlet Vixen: So how do I stop Jacob?

The Mind Master: There is a way. Though I advise you leave it to the other superheroes.

Scarlet Vixen: Why?

The Mind Master: If we can find Samuel's body, possessed by Jacob's mind, then I can neutralise him. Then I can open up a link of my own to Samuel's mind, and send any of you in. Once inside, you will been in a world like Samuel's Library. Only Samuel's library was Samuel's mind before he was corrupted. It is likely to be different now.

Scarlet Vixen: Is he vulnerable in there? Or do we destroy the visage of the town?

The Mind Master: He is likely to be very Vulnerable, and weak. Somewhere inside, you will find what is left of Samuel himself. It'll just look like Sam. Inside you will also find many of Jacob's warriors, and a couple of Samuel's guards. Many of Samuel's guards will be dead, and Jacob's warriors will be seeking Sam himself. If they find and kill him, it will be over.

Scarlet Vixen: Can I kill Jacob's warriors?

The Mind Master: What you must do, is find Samuel and protect him. Then fight your way to the center of... whatever Samuel's mind looks like now. There you will find the gate, and the gatekeeper. Of course. They die just like ordinary men. They are just ordinary men, only inside a mind world. They are likely to be armed with armour and swords or spears. The gatekeeper is the man you must kill.

Scarlet Vixen: How would I be in there?

The Mind Master : I will send you and the others into Samuel's mind.

Scarlet Vixen : I mean ... how would i be in his mind, would i be a normal human or would i have all my abilities but in a mental way?

The Mind Master : You asked why I said you shouldn't go?

Scarlet Vixen : *nods*

The Mind Master : When you are inside you will be as strong as your mind is, and not your body.

Scarlet Vixen : You think I'm weak...

The Mind Master : Knowing your powers, you will have none of them when you are inside. And if you are killed... there will be no healing. No. I think Jacob's grip over Samuel's mind is very strong. Your best help inside will be the surviving members of Samuel's guard.

Scarlet Vixen : But you expect me to sit aside and do nothing?

The Mind Master : I expect nothing Sara, except for you to make up your own mind.

Scarlet Vixen : Can you show me how to be strong inside?

The Mind Master : No. All I can tell you is remember that everything you had in a physical way will be gone. It is very likely that your appearance will be different.

Scarlet Vixen : I haven't been in a mind like that since I became nephilim ... or half nephilim

The Mind Master : Then even I cannot predict what will happen. Your allies will be your strength. Just remember whose mind you will be in. Thankfully it is still Master Samuel who makes the rules in that place, but I believe he will be too weak to do so.

Scarlet Vixen : Then if we help sam, we help ourselves as he can strengthen us?

The Mind Master : Correct.

Scarlet Vixen : Is there anything else we need to know?

The Mind Master : Not that I personally can think of.

Scarlet Vixen : I'll get this to Dragon and dad as soon as possible.

The Mind Master : You have my thanks. I however must be getting on my way. *He picks up his cane, and alights his top hat on his head* Good Night Madame.

Scarlet Vixen : Good night monsieur
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