URGENT NOTICE: All please read

Holy green spandex outfits, Batman! Let out your inner superhero, or that dastardly demagogue we know you keep hidden in your brainy bits.

URGENT NOTICE: All please read

Postby Adjanah » Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:14 pm

Heya all, and sorry for the scary headline.
December 10th, we get a special deal where we get 20k free Prestige (base money) per member we have, so please: GET ALL YOUR HERO ALTS INTO THE GUILD BEFORE TOMORROW IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO CoX, PLEASE. If you have empty slots, fill them with trash-heroes and get them in. We'll haul all the "fake" members out again after the Prestige is ours, so no worries. Just get them in! Everyone has Invite rights now, so get to it! :)
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