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News on the base

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:00 pm
by Adjanah
Alright! The base has undergone yet a vast revision and we are now in control of two working teleporters, granting us access to four teleport points, two from each teleporter. I have so far unlocked Steel Canyon, Perez Park, Skyway City and King's Row for us. More can be unlocked by finding ALL exploration badges in a given zone, and can be done by any of us as long as you are in SG mode when you do it.

The medbay has been sold again as we currently only have power enough to run either that or the teleporters, and I for one think we need the teleporters a lot more. I mean, hey, we don't die ever anyway, do we? ;)

HOWEVER! To move up from here, we need first and foremost more Prestige. We are right now at least a couple of hundred thousand short of getting ourselves a proper generator and a mainframe to support our FULL needs for Power and Control...until we get that, we can't have a medbay, for instance.
The Prestige will slowly come trickling in on its' own though, so no worries.

But what we ALSO need, and desperately so, is more Base Salvage. I implore you all to not sell that particular category of salvage, and instead deposit it in the Salvage Rack in the base. This salvage is what allows us to make (among many other things) the teleporters.