Summary - Book II: Chronicles of Destiny

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Summary - Book II: Chronicles of Destiny

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Book II

Chronicles of Destiny
"When the call went forth, and the sword of the Mornereg sang loud, many were drawn to her song. It whispered in the darkness of their minds, calling them one by one, using their names as they were given. Alas, for that not all embraced the purging song, some chose darkness over light. Many of these were of the race of men, that precious race that's destiny is to govern this world if the dark times are overcome.

For once the brightness of the song dimmed, the thrill of battle faded, and all decended into fear and despair, the Children of Destiny would face their foes. Unseen, they would come to pick each of them, one by one, and each would fight alone in their struggle. Not all battles are fought with the sword, but this battle was fought with the heart. Many would be overcome by the fel-powers that came upon them.

Of the Company that there once was, it should be divided. The shadow of one man's past would come to haunt them, cripling their faith and dividing them all. When their leader was taken from them, they were lost. Each and every one felt the power of doubt building within them. Each and every one felt the call of their own needs, and their own desires. For one, the power to battle evils in the name of his father. For another, the need to find safety and security. Onwards the list would go, all would forsake words and bonds of friendship and leave. Some would never return from the pit into which their souls were dragged.

But this time would not last. Soon the red sun rises, and light seeps back into their world. Of those who there once were, few would now remain. All others lost, without a trace. Yet together again they would stand, and stronger they would be for that which had past. Before any could prove themselves to each other, they had to prove themselves to their own souls. To meet darkness within themselves and outlast it. Now, at last, they are Children of Destiny."

Of the Captain
Following the devastating attacks from the dark assasin known only as Gwann Orgaladhad, Lirandel, Captain of the Black Thorn, with his expression grim and cold fell prey to a deadly posion of malicious intent. The Fair Race do not feel the chill of disease, but this was no mere sickness. The powers of darkness had come to claim the heart and soul of Lirandel, trapping his body in the signs of sickness. Although the brave girl tried, Kellidir could not stall the sickness.

Lirandel was dying. All who at around his bedside were sure of it, and unknown to them, this would be the last time many of them saw each other. For as his fever grew, darkness seeped into the Company. First to go, was the brave woman Sayvara, who as her love lay dying, found herself feeling more and more helpless. Eventually her fear of his loss siezed her soul, and after a heated argument with a number of other members of the Thorn, she stormed out of the small room. Following her, one by one, fear and despair took a hold of each member of the Company. So one by one, they left the bedside of their Captain, each one heading alone into the world for their own ends. Some left together, yet none remained together for long.

Finally alone, the Captain of the Black Thorn struggled on against his ailment, and none know what saved him. For in the dark room where he lay, a bright light began to shine. Lirandel awoke, his eyes ablaze.

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