Summary: Cobblepot's Bargain

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Summary: Cobblepot's Bargain

Postby Lirandel » Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:46 pm

The Thorn was sent on a diplomatic mission to Thorin's Hall. Under the command of the newly appointed corporal Candil. Their objective; to make the Longbeards finally understand the threat of evil residing in the Misty Mountains. After weeks of travelling with a hungry hobbit and a stomach pained dwarf, they reached their destination. Only to find that their liasion Skidr Cobblepot had gone missing.

Before negotiations could proceed with King Dwalin and the Keeper of the Longbeards they had to find the missing Skidr. While pondering their next step at the Malt and Anvil tavern, they found out that a Longbeard named Odi might have a clue where the missing dwarf had gone too.

But Odi, a hunter and seller of Aurochs wanted something in return. Namely the horn of the King of Aurochs in Ered Luin, Frostmantle. After they had taken the life of this majestic beast. they returned only to find that Odi had no intention what so ever to reveal the location of Skidr. That, or he didnt have a clue where he was. The Thorn had been deceived and their efforts had been for naught. Harain's mood declined into a state of angry outbursts not helping it at all that Rooster had given some of the fabled Dragonbreath tobacco to the deceiver. The Thorn was left with no lead to go on other than the name of an elf, residing in the Refuge of Ethelion, Carnovir.

After having spent hours of travelling to the location of the refuge. they met with Carnovir their patience wearing thinner with every breath. when Carnovir told of Skidr's home at the Arming Cave, several hours back from where they had just been, Harain Firebeard's mood hit rock bottom. No one seemed to notice the warning in Carnovir's voice when he said goodbye to the companions. Indeed he wished them good luck on their road ahead, although between the words a warning was given about their leader and Captain Mornereg.

When the Company arrived at the Arming Cave, something was amiss aside from the smell of iron, enclosed earth and the spittle from the torches; silence ensued.
As they searched the compound they found a wounded dwarf, Vitharr. Kellidir and Candil now more skilled in the healing craft quickly began the work of aiding the dwarf back to recovery. After having talked to the almost unconciouss dwarf they learned the truth of Skidr's disappearance. He had been taken by goblins from their nearby village, days ago.

Seeing the opportunity for a good fight and to rid themselves of boiled up steam. Rooster and Firebeard was eager to find the goblins and learn them some "Manners." After securing that Vitharr would recover they travelled to the village and the battle began...

After following the escaping goblins they happened upon a door in the mountain's wall, inside a myriad of tunnels were found alongside a horrible wailing that echoed towards them. As they searched the tunnels they found a tired and fatiqued Skidr surrounded by goblins, dancing and having a good time. The wailing emanated from the mouth of Skidr and the goblins seemed to like it. The companions charged and the battle ended sooner than it had begun from the cowardly goblins. As Candil and Kellidir released and searched Skidr for any bodily harm. Two goblins tried to attack the two healers from behind. If not for Sunniva's stealthy skills and finesse with a knife, Candil would have been dead. As for the other goblin. It so happened that Rooster, known for his courage and bold spirit, had chased the goblins out of the cave into the tunnels, all alone with a mighty roar on his lips. Until of course he came back screaming for Harain to help him with the charging goblins hot on his heels. In the end Skidr was saved and the companions could finally begin planning for the meeting with King Dwalin...

... The throne hall was busy as usual, with the Longbeard clan going too and fro about their various concerns. And at the stairs of the King. The companions waited for an audience. Hour after boring hour passed and no sign of their clearly mad liasion Skidr Cobblepot Or rightly named Skidr Longbeard was seen. After a while they were finally granted the audience and to everyones surprise the King was open to the Company's demands of sending a scout group through the Misty Mountains alongside giving them a squadron of Longbeard soldiers stationed at Gloin's Camp, North west of Rivendell. In the end their objective had been completed. Aside from this the companions were rewarded for their efforts in saving Skidr; Gems and different alloys inside a fine dwarven crafted chest was theirs, and theirs alone. Heroes of the day and now "friends" to the Longbeards, the company retired from the day to the local tavern, filled with new experiences about the dwarves in the Halls of Thorin.

Present, Silver Deep Mine
a small wide shouldered figure stands haunched over some rocks. A pick in his hand and dirt on his face and beard. He eyes the gloom of the cave he is in, with a mixture of both anger and prejudice. Another figure emerges from one of the side tunnels holding a torch high above his head eyeing the dirty person with a grin, his voice sounding full of mirth.

"Allright allrighty Odi... Back to work, back to work... The King demanded ye learn yer lesson properly... No pause nor drink for ye until the week is done."

Odi looked away from the guard, then wiped his dusty face with a dirty hand, his voice sounded strangely rasping as he spoke in a whisper to himself.

"One day Candil Goblin's-Bane... One day ye will be sorry..."

"One day!"

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