Master Vagandro Rist

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Master Vagandro Rist

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Master Vagandro Rist

Concept: Jedi Master.

Name: Vagandro Rist.
Gender: Male.
Species: Mirialan.
Physical Appearance: Middle-Aged, tall and heavily built. Numerous markings indicate age, stature indicates physical strength.
Age: Middle-Aged. Early fiftes, by indication of greying hairs.

Occupation: Jedi Diplomat.
Hobbies: None?!
Inabilities: Poor understanding of mechanics. Limited understanding of computers.

Mother: Sola Rethalie.
Father: Vagandro Rist.
Siblings: Idossa Rist (Sister)
Other: None?
Homeworld: Mirial.

Special: Assigned to locate the lost ghost-ship, Black Thorn, on behalf of the Supreme Chancellor. Required to work alongside the Republic, represented by Major Antora on this project. Carries at least one Thorn medal, reclaimed from a Sith-Employed rading party.
Likes: Peaceful solutions, new cultures and peoples, understanding the biological functions of many species, being unquestioned, mental combat.
Dislikes: Racisim or pro-humanism, insubordination, being treated without respect, taking credit for the work of others, lack of dedication, physical combat.
Personality: Often blunt and to-the-point, he has tended to seek the swiftest solution to a problem. Courteous to friends only, he tends to regard other beings with a professional attitude, neither openly crude, nor particually interested in ingratiating himself. Particually protective over anyone under his watch, part of his crew, or in some way associated with him. Seems to speak fairly and to the point, with as little 'beating around the bush' as possible, possibly putting him in a good position as a diplomatic figure for the Jedi. Has a tendancy to associate with unpredictable figures, even going so far as to employ them or keep them close by, despite no obvious reason to do so. Has had disagreements with the Jedi Code in the past, but keeps these incidents quiet, attempting to uphold his beliefs and keep the Jedi Council appeased by not pushing or forcing them upon anyone. Records indicate a past involvement with the Armed Forces.
Master Vagandro Rist - Jedi Sage & Diplomat
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