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Character Profile: Rin Stardragon
Author: Stardragon/Midnight/Hana/me

Concept: Padawan Outcast.

Name: Rin Stardragon.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Appearing Age: 18.
Actual Age: 23.
• 10 years with family.
• 5 years on Iego (iego).
• 2 years on her own after escape.
• 6 years in padawan training with no formal master.

Occupation: Master Vagandro's Padawan.
Hobbies: Racing.
Inability: Cooking.

Mother: Azalyn Stardragon - Deceased.

Father: Donovan Vanmeer - Deceased.
• A Ancestor, named Cloud, of Donovan once served on the Black Thorn.

Brother: Auren Vanmeer.

Twin sister: Jade Stardragon - Deceased (Although part of her being lives through the force strongly connected to her sister, in the force she takes the appearance of a Diathim).

Special: Carries around a medal of valor for serving on Blackthorn, that belonged to her father passed on by generations.

• Jawa’s.
• Plushies.
• Sweets.
• Speeders.

• Spiders (Mostly Urnsor’is).

Personality traits:
Despite her problems with the darkside, Rin is an innocent, kind-hearted spirit. She desires to learn as much as she can about the world; however around strangers she tends to be shy or Bashful.

She sometimes acts as a rather typical girl of her apparent age, given that her childhood was robbed away and replaced with the horrors of Iego and the lack of a role model or father figure, causing her to revert to her childish and playful side. Even so, her childish nature can lead to a bit of whining from time to time.

Once in a while she can be caught talking to the air, this is when she talks to her sister who lives through the force and she can only be seeing by grandmaster level types of force users. The only reason Rin can see her is that she is directly connected to Jade through the force at all times.

She see’s training as a jedi being the only way to avoid succumbing to the darkside.

Family homeworld: Dantooine.
Region: Outerrim Territories.
Sector: Raioballo Sector.

Rin's homeworld: N/A.
Region: N/A.
Sector: N/A.
*note: Rin was born while their parents had begun their spacefaring adventures, meaning the knowledge of exactly what planet she was born on, if not in space, was lost when they passed on.

Planet of interest: Iego.
Region: Extrictarium Nebula, Outerrim.
Sector: Ash worlds.


-The adventurous spirit-
Living on her parent’s ship she quickly to a liking to adventuring, her parents both took pride in seeking out and charting little known or unknown reaches of the space. It was along on one of these trips their ship was lured close to the planet of Iego, resulting in a crash that would not only strand her there, but took the life of her mother, father and twin sister at the age of 10.

-Trapped on Iego-
Trapped on the planet where aging and hunger seemed to drift off as a distant problem, she was taken in by one of the tribes living at the Scatter of Iego. Her sister, who was strong with the force, always walking beside her like a phantom, Hunting the demonic Maelibus. This became one of her occupations, even though she only had the body of a ten year old, there was no other choice as her body would never change as long as she stayed on Iego.

Hunting Maelibus was a almost impossible task, which would equal facing a dragon with a wooden sword, but she found her connection to the force with the help of her sister and managed to slay one of the Maelibi, however this caused her to have illusions about having been possessed by the demon(However this is just the darkside, as any force senstive struggle with).

-Escaping Iego-
The other side of her caused great disturbance and an incident lead to her killing multiply members of her tribe, after finally regaining herself and seeing what she had done, she ran.

Many days and many nights went by as she spend her time hiding and using the force to shield herself from the powers of the ever threatening Maelibi, however it would seem that they left her alone for some reason. She found her way to The Choir Alignment, for the first time she saw a Diathim up close. Sneaking up on her unsuspecting pray, she used all she had learned about the force and hunting to reach the Diathim and get on its back.

After struggling with it for a while she felt the other side in her coming up, but the Diathim remained calm. Letting go of the Diathim, it would seem as though Jade shared a connection to the Diathim somehow. The Diathim picked her up and flew her away to a secluded area, a graveyard of ships, this is where she found a ship still in working order and finally was allowed to leave the planet which had been her home for longer then she could remember.

After this event her sisters form changed to that of the Diathim, as Rin saw her sister as a guardian angel from that point.

About Iego (iego)
Iego, named the Planet of a Thousand Moons (Also formerly known as Maelibo, is a planet located in the Extrictarium Nebula in the Outer Rim Territories. Due to the obscurity of the Nebula, Iego does not appear on any starcharts. Iego do not orbit a sun; rather, it is warmed by local stellar gases. It is home to the subterranean Maelibi species, as well as thousands of stranded spacefarers who had been lured to the planet by the Diathim—a space worthy species that resides on Iego's forty-two moons. Although Iego appears to have no noteworthy natural resources, the concepts of aging and hunger somehow elude its residents.

In spacer lore, Iego is considered a mythical location, and the subject of many stories and rumors. Numerous expeditions have set out to find the planet, though few succeed, and the ones who did were for the most part unable to leave. Due to the amount of hearsay surrounding the planet, as well as its continued unconfirmed location, most members of the galaxy's scientific community dismiss Iego as a spacefarer's tale.

Spacers somehow end up on Iego. Very few ever make it back. A mass of starships named the Scatter sat on Iego's surface and around it lives the castaway tribes. Each time a new being lands on the planet they pledge allegiance to one of the tribes. There are a select few who choose not to join a tribe and instead live inside the Scatter; alone, angry, and often insane.

For some reason, time does not seem to affect Iego, as castaways no longer feel the burden of age or hunger.

The Scatter is located in the far south of the planet and almost every being who is unfortunate enough to be stranded stays there for the rest of their lives.
The Choir Alignment is located near the planet's equator and is one of the few places that the Diathim will touch down on the planet's surface. It is unknown why they choose to land there but it creates a brilliant light that can be seen for miles.

The Boneyard is in the north, bordering Iego's mountains. It consists of massive bones, too big to be from any known creature. Underneath it are caverns inhabited by the demon-like Maelibi.

About Diathim
Diathim are said by many to resemble humanoids with wings, though other accounts describe them as androgynous, and many spacers see them as exotic members of their own species, even if they aren't humanoid. Diathim glow white to such an extent that it makes it hard to make out details on them. They also emit a yellow aura, do not eat, are slender and far taller than most Humans. Some people believe them to be the most beautiful creatures in the universe. Diathim are also capable of surviving in space, and will venture out of their planet's orbit often causing spacers to crash into the planet of Iego.

About Maelibi
The Maelibi (singular Maelibus), native to the planet Iego, are known as Demons by those beings who had visited the planet. They are less well-known than the Diathim, primarily because the Maelibi live below ground, and rarely leave the planet itself.

They are said to resemble the Diathim, although they lack the wings of the other race and are considerably more beautiful than the Diathim, with their humanoid bodies seemingly formed from molten gold they possess natural claws, razor sharp teeth, and horns which attribute to their demonic appearance.

Able burrowers, Maelibi use their immense strength, speed, and claws to burrow through the ground rapidly, as well as create vast tunnel networks. Within these networks, the Maelibi will begin to sing, their vocal chords simulating pitches specifically designed to disrupt brainwaves, instilling a hypnotic compulsion and confusion on even the strongest sentient; many claim that their lyrical voices are said to be the embodiment of music itself, with none capable of eluding their siren call. When their prey has been drawn in close enough, the Maelibus will explosively burrow out of the ground, and then drag their screaming prey beneath the surface of the planet, eating them alive.

The skin of a Maelibus is very strong and reflective, causing blaster bolts and brief contact with concentrated energy to reflect right off. This, coupled with their horns, claws, teeth and their iron hard skin, make them formidable adversaries and the subjects of legends.
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