The "descendants" of the heroes of the Black Thorn and friends


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Name: Muun Song
Race: Human / Epicanthix
Age: 33
Gender: Female

PoB: Panatha
Profession: Smuggler

Hair: Charcoal Black (coarse)
Eyes: Deep amber, golden
Body: Athletic, slim

Physical Description:

Muun appears to be a healthy woman in her early 30's. She has a definite sway in her walk which telltales of her attitude towards the galaxy she encounters: brave, against the odds and perhaps sometimes even foolhardy. She has a deep, earthy scent about her, a spicy perfume she seems to wear all the times.
Mental Description:
Social, at times brazen and bantha-bull headed. She weights her options carefully, unless those options are heavily colored with her emotions. Though she rarely gets her emotions to rule her head, she has a few weak spots to overrule that. Her trust is not easily gained but once so, she is a true friend.


+ Quick Draw
+ Wits
- Lost Friend (story of Tinga)
- Stubborn

Short Background Story:

"You can take a girl out of Nar Shaddaa
but you can’t take Nar Shaddaa out of a girl."

Raised up by the streets of Nar Shaddaa left a permanent mark on her. She learned the value of life on the harsh Smuggler's Moon and how to survive there. Early on she started associating with smugglers and their ilk. The Hutts were dangerous employers but if one managed to keep one step ahead in their games, one ended up better off than the ones that got betrayed by their own or worse.

Though during her mid twenties, seemingly by some twist of luck, she gathered enough credits to buy her own ship and rig it to be a one-man-show. She got independent and left the dust of Nar Shaddaa behind her, for a while. Meeting new people and associates she worked hard to forget the ugliness that had been the Smuggler's Moon. During the years she made strong friends and good acquaintances. She even took a mechanic on her ship, a blue Twi'lek and ex-slave called Tinga. Life seemed good, truly neutral and far away from the proxy wars and all the rest.

Though sometimes life takes an unexpected turn which she was about to find out as she soon found herself forced to return once again to the cesspool that is Nar Shaddaa in search of her friend and mechanic Tinga, who had suddenly vanished without a trace, only leaving behind a strange medal...
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