The "descendants" of the heroes of the Black Thorn and friends


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Name: Morfin<Surname to be implemented following achievement of Legacy>
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Somewhere in his mid-thirties, though he looks quite younger

With a vain and somewhat bored look, this man stands somewhat apart from the main crowd. As he surveys his surroundings, his pale turqoise eyes linger on female lifeforms, human and alien without discrimination, checking and classifying them after a cool and clinical inspection. Though certainly handsome, with his spotless tanned complexion, aristocratic nose, slender features and a head of nicely trimmed honeycoloured hair, he is not interested in making eye contact or strike up a conversation.

His clothes contradict his demeanor however as someone who has been in some of the most forsaken backwaters space has to offer. He is wearing a reinforced thermal jacket with the control lights of environmental monitoring devices glowing softly and reassuringly. A rather inconspicuous blaster pistol, crafted in a dull anthracite alloy awaits patiently in its holster at his side.

A faint fragrance of sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon trails after him, as if he were the intergalactic version of the ancient wandering seafarer trading in rare and exquisite spices.
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