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Darth Grkaa

Postby Faradir » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:41 pm

Real name: Fatar Kcahey
Sith name: Darth Grkaa
Age: 50
Height: 180
Birth: Dromund Kaas
Family: Widower with only grandchildren left
Hobbies: Collects lightsaber crystals and beautiful womans
Features: Bald reddish head lined with darker veins, left sided scarred, intence yellow eyes
Strengths: Manipulative schemer, force vision specifically geared towards to chain of events
Weakness: Deals badly with failures, have lots of enemies
RP parameters: Disguised to a second glass sith with hidden agenda

An extinguished lightsaber fall onto the marble floor with a rattle, just followed by a body of its late owner. As the echoes of the rattle melt away, came silence, save only the strong breaths of the two still standing and the hardly audible whirring of a lightsaber. Like magnifying the silence, a thin twist of smoke raise from the folds of the robe of lying body. There was a strong smell of blood and burning flesh in the air, not only from the latest fallen but also from three others, stricken by a lightsaber or holed by a blaster.

Smoke kept twirling towards the dark ceiling high above. Hanging from there, were few down lights, illuminating only the center of the large hall and leaving the corners and the indoor balcony orbiting the hall in shadows. The floor was clean, grey marble, polished by age. So were the walls, just with two openings on opposite sides and stairs leading up to the balcony.

“Deja vu,” said the one with a rifle and kept looking around.
“What?” said the other one deactivating his lightsaber.
“This is exactly like ones before. Now I'm just waiting for him to appear from the shadows to congratulate us.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Verood”
“Long story, Zad,” Verood said stopping to look around and checked the power meter of his rifle, “and one I probably should not tell,” he finished swinging the rifle to his back and starting towards the door.
“Well, we've got nothing but time on our flight out of here, so maybe you could entertain me then” Zed said and followed Verood leaving the smoking corpses behind them.

“This damn asteroid zone is thick like banthas fur,” Zed complained, although sitting in a comfortable sofa with a glass of Juma Juice in observation lounge, “it's going to take hours to clear of for jump.”
“Like that would matter to you, after one more of those,” pointing to Zeds glass with his rifle, “you are not noticing anything any more.”
“Hey, point that thing hell away from me! And why the hell you've got to drag it along here?” Zed shouted, almost spilling his drink.
“Hah, you've got your weapon there, why I can't have mine” Verood added, now pointing the rifle towards Zeds waist.
“Damn you! Keep it then if you love it so much” Zed said, cooling down and taking a sip from his glass. “ I guess it's only good though, for a man to have his weapon nearby. And nice shooting down there.” Zed put his glass on the table and took his lightsaber, igniting it he continued, “Did you noticed the look on her face when you put the shot through her brains while I was holding his lightsaber.”
Zed stood up and played the earlier fight, “It's hard to believe, but I'm sure she somehow understand how the end came even having a hole through her head. Nice ending,” he finished turning around and mimicking the look on jedi's face he let his lightsaber fall on the floor and tumbled down after it.
Verood gave a laugh and raised his glass, “Nice ending indeed,” and emptied it with one drink.
Zed got up with his lightsaber and sit back to the sofa taking his glass, not drinking from it though, instead looking at it, pondering and asked then, “What was that you said afterwards, that deja vu. Hey, you promised to tell about it”, he excited and leaned back expectantly.
“I did nothing like it, quite opposite...” he paused for a moment and continued then, “or you know the ending anyway, so why not the whole story.”
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