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Postby Crymzen » Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:08 pm

some of you Nvidia users might be having some performance issues, i my self use an Nvidia GTX card and have horrible FPS at times..but dont worry i have a couple things for you to try out here.

1: first thing you may want to try is turning off scalling..i noticed a big jump in my FPS while in warzone PvP after i done this.

go to your nvidia control panel and under "Display" select "adjust desktop size and position" make sure perform scalling on says display then check no Scalling and apply these settings.

2: if you are still having performance issues after this then you might want to try the new Beta update from Nvidia that includes optimised settings for SWTOR.

go into your control panel again and click help and then updates, click on the preferences tab and near the bottom check "include Beta Drivers" and then apply..go back into updates and on the updates tab click check for updates.

it should find the new beta update and you will be directed towards the page for download.

hopefully now the game will run alot smoother for you :)
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