Sam's letters

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Sam's letters

Postby Felaion » Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:21 pm

A simple envelope arrives at the mail adress for The Anvil's Ascent. Addressed to Sara, marked with Air Mail, and stamps showing origin in Swizerland. The address is written by hand, and neatly, like the rest of the letter.

29th October

Dearest Sara,

I trust this letter reaches you, and the others, well. I should hope so as I write this mearly 10 hours after I left American airspace. The Mind Master met me at the airport, dead on time, and although seems strict and proper... like an old gent, he has a kindness to him. The most important thing you notice about him though, is the way he seems to be looking through you.

I havn't got all that much time to write, so I'll save my descriptions for later. We've landed in Geneva, and I've taken this oppertunity to post a quick letter to you, while The Mind Master finishes "work that he needed to do", and then his driver will take us up into the mountains. I've attached the address at which you can contact me, though The Mind Master says i may not be around much, and certainly will not have much time spare for writing. It all sounds very daunting, but I'm so facinated by the scenery here, that I've barely given it much thought. It's so beautifull here, just like a certain person I know.

The Mind Master say's we're heading up into a valley overshadowed by Mt Bunderspitz, and The Mind Master owns a Chateaux up in a villiage called Kandersteg. It all seems very remote and distant, I don't know how long it'll take letters to come down from the valley. The Mind Master has not yet explained why he's brought me here either.

With all my Love,

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