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The Sentinel

Postby Lirandel » Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:08 pm

The police cars were everywhere, the blue and red lights blinking down the street while static radio voices could be heard in muffled tones. The darker silhouets of police men could be seen through the heavy down pour of rain. Nothing more than silhouets, a darker shade of grey against the night clouded skies above them. The crowd had allready gathered. Like sentinels they just stood there watching as the scene unfolded in front of them. Watchers of tragedy, only cut off by the yellow police line, the words "Do not cross this line!" marked in black foreboding letters.

The boy or rather the handsome young man came to a halt as the scene unfolded in front of him, his black hair swept back into thick black locks and his green and white biker jacket gave off a glint, from the murky lights surrounding him. A glint of something dreamy and unspoiled touching his face as he searched his surroundings. And then again, The face and athletic well trimmed body beneath the folds of leather, told of strength and a healthy life. As he sat on his bike, the low thrumming of the engine growled in defiance of being slowed. His hand turning the throttle a couple of times, created a sigh of relief from the engine in the form of a roaring outburst.

He turned the bike off with his gloved hand, the key chain trinket formed like a pulse monitor from one of the many hospitals in Paragon City, the emblem swung in his hand as he rested the bike on its supporting legs and began walking slowly towards the scene of the crime.

As he approached a man came out from one of the dark buildings within the police perimeter, followed by policemen. Their steps as mechanic as ever. The man was in cuffs, his face showed signs of fighting, blood ran from his nose and an open wound could be seen on his forehead like he had been struck by a slashing weapon. An ambulance arrived at the same time that the young man changed his expression from the self reliant and head strong demeanor he had worn to a young boy, frightened and terrified. The words from his lips began first as a whisper as he took several more unsure steps towards the scene as if he thought himself caught in the grip of a dream turned into a nightmare. Then slowly as his voice repeated the painful words they grew in terrified anquish.




He ran. Faster than any hero in this world had run before. Spun to action by the most powerful force in the multiverse; Fear. He jumped. Elevating himself through the line of silent spectators and over the police line. And within not even milliseconds grasped his father in his arms, which in return gave him a distant stare; eyes wavering on the brink of insanity. The young man now turned into a now frightened boy, spoke the words as a panicked outburst. his voice sounding childish and high pitched.

"Dad?! What is happening? Why are you here? Wha-"

He was torn away from his father by the grip of several police officers trying to hold him away and calm him down. But their voices was nothing more than muffled echoes, unimportant.

"Let me GO!"


He resisted.

And one after another the officers of the law was flung into one direction after another. Creating mayhem as they landed several feet away, smacking headlong into their own cars or was pummeled into the ground by the young man's apparent super abilities.

As he turned for a moment clear of the fighting. He saw his father being placed in the back seat of a police car. And as he was about to pursue him. He was struck from behind hard and elevated through the air to crash into and through the first floor outer and inner walls of a building. Into an apartment. He landed on the floor like a bag of meat and heard his shoulder crack from the strain. The sensation of blood crept over his eyes making his vision red and blurry.

As he lied there on the brink of consiousness he heard the cracking of glass and saw a large although now blurry metal boot coming into view. He tried to grasp it in a feeble defiant attempt to put up a fight. But as he was hit in the face by it. He felt his nose cracking and his face exploding into a myriad of shimmering stars. As his head hit the floor in his own blood. A deep booming metallic voice of his unknown assailant carried him into sweet and utter oblivion...

"TsHhh *crackling* Reporting that ST 5000 have completed objective *crackling* TsHhh... Permission to initiate extraction sequence... TsHhh!"

*Fades out*
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