Bio: Pink Pariah/Paramour, Snow-Bunny (Rachel)

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Bio: Pink Pariah/Paramour, Snow-Bunny (Rachel)

Postby Candil » Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:45 pm

((yoinked from Stormies Bio template, thanks honey!))

Template: A bunny, a jester, a scientist, a lunatic, a chocolate addict...
Name: Rachel
Age: 29
Occupation: Scientist/Proffessional Villian
Hobbies: Choco-Kleptomania, bright colours, um... "intimacy"
Popularity: Pinky: Well known for being easy :P.
Snow-Bunny: relatively unknown as yet
Ambitions: Pinky: own every chocolate producing factory ever made.
Snow-Bunny: desplice herself.
Personality: Pinky: Weak minded and driven by instinct, she has very few principles and lives most of her life to make herself feel good.
Snow-Bunny: Bewildered and shaken by her life so far, she's very unsure of how she appears in the eyes of others, mostly due to what Pinky has done.
Background: Rachel was a scientist working on a very large project in the future for rapid acceleration, until an illconsidered prank spliced her with a rabbit and the end result was their journeying into the past. From then on, Rachel submitted to the rabbit which was mixed in with her brain, as she came to terms with everything that had happened, however at long last she worked up the courage to take control during Pink Pariah's hibernation. She has a goal now, to keep control of her body and not sink back into the tangled mess of Pinky's mind.
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