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Template: Hero (A paladin of sorts)
Name: Stormcleave/Hans Von Hagenstaldt
Age: 34
Occupation: Owner and chairman of Hagen industries
Hobbies: Swordfighting, tennis and spending time with his family.
Popularity: As owner of Hagen Industries Herr Hagenstaldt is known as a hard boiled business man. Outside this arena he is known as a secluded family person. He has a wife and two daughters.
Ambitions: To ensure that Hagen Industries prevail, to make his marriage and thereby his role as a father and husband work. And to prove that he can make a difference in the supergroup AA, while trying to discover the truths about these newfound powers.

Personality: Stormcleave has just begun his career as a hero in Paragon City. he is quite the rookie in that regard, despite his age. But open to any, who will give him advice or point him in the right direction. He shows both a maturity and tolerance towards the more "strange" members of AA. And of course not to forget, the many strange conflicts he suddenly finds himself in with this group of heroes. The best way to describe this german gentleman. Is to view him as a man of morales and principles. As a man with a personal codex for the betterment of humankind as a whole. Kind hearted but quick to anger if his morale grounds are questioned or ridiculed. Stormcleave has indeed found himself a fitting name.

Background: Hagen Industries came to Paragon City five years ago. When the city began to rebuild after the war with the aliens. Since then Hagen Inc has been one of the many entrepeneurs that has worked on the rebuilding process. During an excavation dig in, what is now known as the Hollows. Hans and his crew found an abandoned Rikti base in one of the many craters. Deep within the base. Hans and his crew suddenly fought for survival and escape as mutated test subjects, left behind by their masters, assaulted and killed most of them.
As one of the few survivors, Hans was the only one, who recovered from the several severe and fatal injuries. Regaining his ability to walk by sheer force of will. Only to find that his DNA had changed in such a way that his physical prowess and his will to endure high levels of pain had mutated him into something. Different. What the future holds. And where his still undeveloped and undiscovered powers, will take him. Is a good question indeed.

Out there among the stars. The answer might lie.
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