Silanglindis Naugrimella

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Silanglindis Naugrimella

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Silanglindis is a tall, slender elve (aren't we all). Her coal-black hair and green eyes set in a young face give the appearance of a woman in the bloom of youth, only the second look reveals the strength and patience that rest within this elven warrior.

For a warrior she is, whoever has witnessed her in battle, knows of the elegance and sheer force of her assault. With the likeness of a dance her charge embraces her target, swirling around the foe she passes his defence- unless the rage of battle breaks its way and her strength is revealed, blows breaking shields, shafts and blades, hideous scales, and separating limbs from soon falling corpses, heedless of strikes that wound her, marching through the lines of her enemies as sunlight driving away the mist of a cold winter night. Many a foe has challenged the piercing look of her eyes and the grim smile on her face in battle, yet non has told the tale of escaping her assault. Met a worthy foe, she is likely to break out in song within the midst of battle as she rains her strikes on the enemy, hammering him like a blacksmith would forge a glowing sheet of iron.

Speaking of iron, whoever has been caught in her grasp knows that this sweet lassies body can feel as if been made from steel unbreakable, tightening her grip driven by a will none softer. Some say her strength comes from the many hours she spends at the forges, hammering iron to ancient forms, smooth, light and pleasing to the eye, yet protective to the bearer.

Others who have watched her face lightened by the burning coal and glowing iron- or the grim light of her eyes in advance of an onslaught, guess that it is rather her will driving the skilful strikes that make the metal follow the designs she has foreseen to it; being the same will that drives her through battles tirelessly.

Asked her close friend Dwoin Ironbeard, he will gladly explain that her name translates to shining bride of the singing iron, or maybe bride of the shining singing iron, and explain why the interpretation is open to the discussion, if one is willing to delve into these matters. Also he might add that while her true second name lies hidden, the name Naugrimella, friend of dwarves, has been given to her by himself and taken over by Silanglindis willingly.
Regarding her, it seems that by her deeds done both on the battlefield and by her craft she seems to try to fill the void ever growing by more and more of her kin passing out of the tales of middle-earth by ever-raising effort.

While her determination cannot be overlooked and makes many an onlooker believe in her being merely driven to fulfil her goals, her joy in giving away the goods of her craft, in rejoicing in the sunlight of a young day, dancing to the sound of a fresh spring merrily rippling through a valley or adding ironic remarks to the little mishaps of daily life with a small smile shows that this brightly burning flame is not only fuelled by the strong desire of tending the wounds of the world and bringing some of the light of the elder days to the current, but also by the pure joy of living the wonders Eru made into this world which are much too often overlooked by his children.

Said by Silanglingdis

>> What is it you tell me? Well-clad? Let me tell you your armour is good for ingots, nothing more! If you want to face the dangers of anything outside Breeland you’d better get your mining pick out and bring me some iron that I can put my hands on to make you something more protective than this old pot there you’re calling a battle-helmet!


>> Slowly now my fellows… do ye see that small dell over there? If we’re to be safe from being thrown off that cliff we just climbed, or scrambled up...

*throws a glance on her hobbit companion, Honeydew*

...we had better fight the giants from that position. I will charge the one with the steel boots, the rest of you try to stand behind me and keep the one with the leather shoes busy until I can take care of him!


>> Suck the marrow from my bones, you will?

*cleaves into Morrovals wing*

>>I do not think so, you wretched creature!

*chops an outstretched claw*

>>Hanging on to that caves ceiling heads down all day...

*raining blows from left and right*

...feeding from rats must have muddled your wits!

*Blowing into her battle-horn she lets loose a blast echoing from the caves wall that incapacitates her foe- and calls two more of the creatures speeding upon her*

>>Finally, a challenge! Elbereth gilthionel!

*prolonging the movement of her last strike separating the morrovals head from its corpse, she strikes the first blow on the newcomen foes*
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